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Feeling disliked

Dream Interpretation: Feeling disliked


First let me note my family and I go used to go camping a lot, I went with my dad and his wife now. The dream had previously started someonewhere else but the part I remeber is we were at a campsite with our trailers, and right next to it was a random body of water that I was swimming around in with some boys my age(19-20) but I knew them in my dream. We were playing with these buckets that if you turn them upside down they look like a shark and we were trying to scare each other. I then moved to the trailer and was naked and had to use the restroom, but i couldn\'t so I ended up peeing on the ground trying to hide behind the screen door of the trailer. For a glimpse I remeber dogs being around, probably just part of the campsite but one was a retriever. The next part of the dream I was in a room and I had plans to hangout with my friend all day, and she comes in with this other girl. The orher girl is someone I went to school with while my friend wasn\'t particularly somebody I knew. She then told me she couldn\'t hangout because she had other things to do, and that made me really upset and mad. While her friend went on to say that she didn\'t like me, and I kept pressing her to explain why. Then my friend asked if I\'ve ever hit somebody and I said no, and she kind of made fun of me. So that\'s when I went up behind her friend and yanked her hair bun, then went over to my friend and punched her face a few times. After that I felt shitty because the camp trip was a total bust, so went over to my campsite to hang with my dad and his wife but he had told me she had left for home and for some reason that made me really devastated too. So we walked over towards the beach where there was like food carts and little pop up shops and just talked while I felt lonely and upset.

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