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Dream Interpretation: Money


I was walking down a sidewalk in a residential area I could hear a loud speaker coming from somewhere stating that a bank has been robbed and the police were on the lookout for the man who did it and that $1000000 had been Robbed from the bank. All the sudden I hear sirens from police cars. Then as I am still walking on the sidewalk I see an old car coming really fast behind me up the street the man driving it did not see me walking as I was afraid and hid from him thinking he might be the robber. As I was hiding in somebody\'s yard behind some bushes the rubber stops abruptly in the road jumped out of his car opened up his trunk and took out two large boxes and one small box full of bundled up money and dropped it on the ground closed his trunk and proceeded to take off at the street as I am looking I noticed he left a shoe box size of money and one bundled-up open pack of money on the trunk of his vehicle as he was speeding off of the street I figured the money would fall off somewhere up the road eventually. Next thing I see immediately is the police officers pulling up picking up the boxs of money and driving away. As I continued on my walk back walking up the street I was thinking to myself that money had to have fallen off of his trunk I bet I will find it so sure enough a block-and-a-half up the road I see a bundle of money laying in the street the shoe box and the open pack of money that was bundled I picked it up not knowing how much money was there and I was going to keep it so I tried to hurry up the road to get home and I wanted to stop somewhere and count the money to see how much was there so I climbed on somebody\'s roof they had a pool in the backyard I can see three neighbors front of the house and back of the house and on the side of the house I was hoping nobody was going to see me up there but a man did and he told me to come down from there that he could see what I was doing he told me to come in his house he acted as if he was going to call the police the man was white and they were too small boys so I\'m walking through his living room with my arms full of money and he told me to just leave so I walk out the front door I start to walk up the street and then two hardcore looking dark-skinned men I don\'t know what nationality they were you look like they were maybe Dominican Republic or Puerto Rican they were unshaven and one of the men said to me come in my house if you don\'t I will call the police I want half of your money so I went into the house we all sat on the living room floor then a woman walked in and said something to one of them in she had a small child with her then she walked out of the room then one of the men put a large pistol to my temple and told me to leave and don\'t take any of the money so I was terrified and I hurried up and left and ran home...... what in the world would this mean this is a very odd and peculiar dream it seemed so very real and it is nothing that I would ever do either. For example several years ago I found a wallet that was left at the bank teller machine and I drove straight to the police and turned it in...

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