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  Alley   |     13-08-2019  
  no interpretation

My husband is playing around with the back of a kitchen cupboard. He pulls out a cornflake box and gives it to me. I walk to the stove and the box has become a sack. In the sack is a rat …


Alpacas with Human Faces

  Terry   |     13-08-2019  
  no interpretation

So this dream was really disturbing to me. Because of it, I’m refusing to go back to sleep in fear of dreaming it again tonight. There was two “parts” to the dream. The first part took place in a forest. There …



  Awesome   |     12-08-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamt of my colleague selling red peaches and I bought some. …


Me and the weasel

  Monica   |     08-08-2019  
  no interpretation

A daddy long spider was coming at me fast it jumped on me I grabbed it threw it on the floor and tried to kill it it changed to a weasel and sat there looking at me I was surround by …


Ex girlfriend wearing blue beret

  Scott   |     25-07-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamt of my ex girlfriend being at the same event that I was at. We did not talk and as she walked out she was wearing a blue beret …


Name and a number next to it

  Anthony   |     24-07-2019  
  no interpretation

I had a dream recently, and in that dream I saw an image, and that image was a woman’s name (I sort of know her) and the #77 next to it. What would that mean? …


Young man with beard

  Kate   |     23-07-2019  
  no interpretation

I was in my husband's old room and I was about to turn off the light when I felt a pull and I found myself in another room with a young man I'd never seen before.He had a fair beard which …


Macaw in SuperStore

  Dianne   |     13-07-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamed I was in the checkouts at SuperStore, and the person ahead of me had a large animal with them that was on the conveyor belt. It had very soft sky-blue fur (or so I thought until I saw …



  tin   |     02-07-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamt about my ex boyfriend, he bought a new car and he let me ride with my son in he’s new car.in real life he is not the father of my son. …


Blood everywhere

  Caitlyn   |     26-05-2019  
  no interpretation

I started off my dream by being at a concert. I don’t remember who’s concert it was but I dancing and bobbing my head and next thing I know, I hit my front two teeth super hard but I don’t remember …


Spider chasing and biting me.

  Bre   |     18-05-2019  
  no interpretation

The most vivid part of the dream was that i was walking into a theater getting ready to take a seat and i notice A big indigo spider with long legs like a (daddy long leg) and i move back from …


Staghorns, future self, and fire

  Patrick   |     17-05-2019  
  no interpretation

I'm walking through an unknown forest in the middle of night following a light when I happen on a man dancing around a large fire dressed in skins and what I could only describe as the head of a stag he …


Jack fruit

  Elii   |     28-04-2019  
  no interpretation

I buy a bunch of cauliflower and it turns into jackfruit what does my dream refer? …


Husband left for another woman

  Linda O'Brien   |     28-04-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamed my husband was with another woman and leaving me. He said he loved me but he loved her more, she was tiny and cute, I felt he was leaving me because I was slightly over weight. But he said …


missing love??

  Lisa   |     08-04-2019  
  no interpretation

i am dreaming about a guy that I have strong feelings for and want to be with, but im with someone else and know it will be bad if I leave them. but I love this other person so much even …

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