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Friends with or without benefits?

  Sarah   |     13-05-2018  
  no interpretation

We were having a house party, it was really dark and candles were only there to light the place. There were a lot of people that i know. My ex boyfriend was sitting on the couch and i was sitting below …


Granddaddy long legs

  Amanda   |     12-05-2018  
  no interpretation

Ok first of all, my biggest fear is the granddaddy long legs. I’m terrified, I can’t even tolerate looking at them in pics so this dream (nightmare) won’t stop haunting my thoughts. Now, the dream; I was in what may have …


last night I was dancing with people in the dream and spreading morning

  chikwe praise   |     29-04-2018  
  no interpretation

Mi 1) I was dancing with people in the last night on the line we were celebrating with a couples 2) I saw a man white long-sleeved sheet and black suits cooperate with landcruser jeep he was taking to …



  Sandy   |     29-04-2018  
  no interpretation

Dream of weevils in boyfriends cupboard at his home in a packet of flour several weevils fell out and some came out from another packet of flour …


Killer whales, Ireland, warm, swimming, sea

  Diane   |     28-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I was in Ireland in a house at the top of a beautiful grass hill, and below was the a sea bay, I went down and swam in the sea and it felt lovely it was a lovely sunny day, then …


Petting a soft big Moose

  Susana M Vieira   |     27-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I had this dream that I was in a car with an Australian man, and he was driving (steering wheel on the right) and I was petting a big moose that was sitting over my legs. His fur was very …


Black and white bird fighting.

  Thrash   |     26-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I saw a black and a white bird fighting.i tried to take them home but they kept peeking at me so i let them go away. …



  Ildefins   |     21-04-2018  
  no interpretation

An elephant chasing me …


Daddy long leg and spider

  ReNae   |     18-04-2018  
  no interpretation

My boyfriend and I were in my bed enloying each other; all of a sudden we saw a web coming towards us with a Daddy long leg and spider together in the web. I was horrified but my boyfriend was not …


Sweeping into dust pan & Back Scratchers

  Patricia Elan   |     17-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I was sweeping the floor carefully into dustpan. I found (2) wooden backscratchers and gave one to a man standing with me. It may have been my spouse, not sure.... Thanks!! Blessings! …


Dying iguana

  Estrella Briggs   |     14-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I really love iguanas. I use to have one. I dreamt I was married still to my ex husband and I went to clean a house we were moving into. The house had a number of pets. There were 3 small …


Broken phone

  Seun   |     09-04-2018  
  no interpretation

Dreaming of broken phone 1st and 2nd time within two weeks consecutively could mean what? …


Self torturing people,barking hellhounds and Lucifer's place

  Vani   |     05-04-2018  
  no interpretation

I walked to a small house where it has 2 front doors.The door on the left lead me to a prayer hall which was abandoned and dim,dull and dusty.I came out from the door and saw bleeding naked people who tortured …



  Hadiayh   |     28-03-2018  
  no interpretation

I was in bed in what looked like my old bedroom from childhood. It is just getting light and I can see a black thing about halfway up the wall going around and around the perimeter of the room against the …


Unborn foetus

  Angelyne Sami   |     21-03-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt of dicovering 3 unborn feotus 1 still breathing and 2 im not sure about. And then im taking it to the hospital …

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