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  Gabrielle Saunt   |     08-10-2018  
  no interpretation

The executioner sat in front of me, I was in a chair just normal in a room. I was listening to a voice talking like it was explaining things to me and then getting guidance from the executioner with symbols. 1 …


Yellow Zucchini

  Kaitlyn   |     06-10-2018  
  no interpretation

Last night I had this dream that me and my boyfriend were visiting his mothers house. We were asked to Help tend to her garden. In real life, she does not have a garden, she is old and has many health …



  nep204   |     04-10-2018  
  no interpretation

Last night I had a dream I was in the toilet and I had to pee. While I am sitting on the toilet I see the water overflowing. Then I started screaming and I see a big tower of water coming …


Killing of a Mad Dog

  Alia Bhatt   |     30-09-2018  
  no interpretation

A few black stray cats wander about in my house. Someone had left them there on purpose. They looked rather cute but had broken skin all over. It felt rather alarming. Then, the cats turned into poor mad dogs that had …


Alpaca in group in dream

  Tanuja Pradeep   |     29-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I saw a group of alpacca in my dream , saw this cute creatures running as I was standing by. …



  asiimwe   |     21-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt that i tested for malaria and the results were positive and negative at the same time. What does it mean? …


Weird dream

  Ricky   |     20-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I am at my hometown down by the river, me and my family are having a family dinner, everyone's dancing and drinking. My godfather, after having a drink too many falls into the river, the stuff he had in his pockets …


Tangled thread

  Moore   |     20-09-2018  
  no interpretation

Was holding my fishing rod and a small boy mishandled it then the thread tangled. As I tried to untangle it another person walked by and tangled it the more. I was about untangling the whole mess when one of my …


Boiling blood

  A   |     20-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I was at a big gathering, everyone was sitting in a huge community hall, it felt like a funeral of perhaps my brother (he died 15yrs ago) I was sitting a few rows behind my family at the edge of the …


My mom ex

  Erica   |     11-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I had a dream that my mom ex boyfriend was knocking at my door what does this mean? …


Baby In dream

  Sonal Srivastava   |     11-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I saw a baby (around a year old) in my arms who am trying to make sleep. Baby is quite calm & clinging to me. I saw it for a while. Then I saw the baby walking & sitting on my …


A unknown women offered thambula in dream.

  Sujatha   |     02-09-2018  
  no interpretation

I am married and last night I dreamt of me writing test in my school of new subject where I don\'t know anything but managed to fill 2sheets of answer and left from school along with my knefew on the way …


the talking cat

  jenny   |     31-08-2018  
  no interpretation

Basically i was having a ride with some random people and they had this cat ,i foud the cat really cute and i kept looking at it (it was like a grey and white cat) and then i took the cat …



  Sophia   |     25-08-2018  
  no interpretation

My best friend is going to have surgery but i dont no why but the whole time i feel my my boyfriend has been flirting with her and the doctor come in and takes my boyfriend in to get ready to …



  david   |     09-08-2018  
  no interpretation

I was in a yard and decided I was going to go somewhere. I walked off to leave the yard and noticed that the yard was full of either alligators or crocodiles; I didn't know how to identify the one from …

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