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Trip to France

  JKMARVIN   |     18-02-2018  
  no interpretation

I was boarding a plane with a group of people and the ticket agent told me if I went to a particular City I would be closer to where I wanted to be so I went with what she said but …


husband other woman

  shun   |     16-02-2018  
  no interpretation

last night i dream about my husband that he has another woman. He is starting talking to the other woman while we are sleeping in bed. The other woman is in left and me i am in the middle and my …


Jesus in the sewer

  Gee   |     11-02-2018  
  no interpretation

I keep having a dream of Jesus preaching down in A sewer on boats. There are a crowd of people to the side which I am apart of watching him. It\'s dark but just enough light to see. He also has …


Bobcat chasing my boyfriend

  Lola starz   |     05-02-2018  
  no interpretation

The bobcat was waiting in the tree watching my boyfriend and when he saw him he decided to come down and chase him.. into this glass like I don’t know if it was. People was around but he only wanted to …


Dead animals

  Beverly Russell   |     29-01-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I was walking on my lawn when I saw a row of at least 20 mice and there were 4 ducks ..when I first saw the ducks they looked alive but when I walked closer there were 3 laying …



  Marra   |     28-01-2018  
  no interpretation

Squirrel ran to wards me...and jumped as if he was ginna attack me...the squirrel managed to jump and grip my fist as I wanted yo cover my face....no pain or blood. Felt as if he was playing but I was …



  Meme mays   |     20-01-2018  
  no interpretation

I had a dream that I had alot of my own snot on my arm, it was very clear. I ended up whipping it off with a napkin or white shirt. …


Not sure

  Rhonda   |     06-01-2018  
  no interpretation

It was a high school time setting. I was walking and staryed spitting and it wouldn't come off my lips and i just kepted on trying to spit it out and ot wouldn't come out or off. …


Black cows

  Bezaar   |     04-01-2018  
  no interpretation

Dreamt black cows stampeding through the house, could not do anything, just stood and watched. …


Old friends and family turn on me

  James Harvey   |     02-01-2018  
  no interpretation

I am having a party at my parents house all my friends are there. I haven\'t seen lots of them since I was younger. All good then everyone starts blaming me for things claiming I\'ve stolen off one friend lied …



  Jane   |     01-01-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I was harvesting Big tubers of yam …


Masturbating in Sex Ed

  Hunter   |     30-12-2017  
  no interpretation

So last night I had a dream that I was in a sex Ed Class at school with all boy’s. The teacher thought the best way to learn was to watch porn and jerk off. So that’s what the whole class …


I already I’m bi but why this is why him?

  Ty   |     27-12-2017  
  no interpretation

Me and a bunch of friends sitting in mrs eagles old classroom which was somehow connected to my house...because of an emergency (zombie outbreak) they had just killed Bria outside and saw Zoe and lily at the window and tried …


Gunshots, Guns & Family

  Vicky-Lou   |     24-12-2017  
  no interpretation

I was walking through a shopping complex alone and suddenly a stranger started shooting at me from the other side of the complex. I started to duck and run to get away. I felt like I got hit but there was no …


Wife Masturbating

  Nina   |     21-12-2017  
  no interpretation

I was in the shower and my wife was using the toilet...all of a sudden I could hear something vibrating. I opened the shower curtain and saw my wife using my vibrator while looking at a girl on Instagram. I asked …

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