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  Atim Monica   |     20-01-2019  
  no interpretation

There is a mango tree at home where I live so I dreamt that I came around and all of a sudden the tree had born too much fruits and I was so amazed at seeing them since they emerged all …



  sharlene   |     08-01-2019  
  no interpretation

i dreamt that i had jaundice and i was scared andtrying to go to the hospital …


Shooting my partner!

  Nik   |     05-01-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamt that there was some screaming in the house and someone ran through the door towards me and I shot them then my partner rang through the door and I don't think I knew who it was but shot her …


Defending self from a pyranha

  Robin Dorantes   |     05-01-2019  
  no interpretation

A pyranha was on the floor trying to attack me close to my feet which I move fast to protect myself; the longer it was out of water, the more it disintegrated into a perfectly packaged and aligned set of clean …



  James   |     03-01-2019  
  no interpretation

Dreaming that my girlfriend was being extremely friendly with an friend of mines …


Saftey pins

  Jenn   |     01-01-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamed I was kissing my long time friend and while we were really passionately kissing, he put safety pins in my mouth. As I was spitting them out there had to be 12 to 15 of them, he was smiling …


My boy

  wagulika keke   |     28-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt about my boy crying to go shopping with me. Un fortunately before I got him to go, I woke up …


My son

  Steven Ssali   |     28-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamt when I had to go some where with a friend but we had to have lunch before we go. Un fortunately there was no source for food. so I had to go buy it, as I was going, my …


Italy with friends

  Victoria   |     27-12-2018  
  2 interpretations

I dreamed of me and one of my friends in a city in my city without our parents knowing then I was in Italy with all of my friends having fun like going to different stores and I was with my …



  Spoona   |     27-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I dreamed I couldn't get ready timely to go with a group to an event. They left. I got confused trying to find my way. When they returned, they each had a big crate of pecans, shelled and unshelled. I missed …



  Nova   |     26-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I was with 4 girls in a school area. They were sitting there on a marble railing in front of me. I had my grey backpack on. Two of the girls were messing with me, trying to get me to take …


Hurting my child

  Jpierce   |     19-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I took my daughter (5 yr old) to a strange doctor when I came in the room with them he was operating on her. She was still conscious but looked drugged in her eyes. He said she had a gorder …



  Roni   |     12-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I had a strange, scary dream in which I had turned female and was pulling massive amounts of clear and white discharge from my vagina, becoming handfuls of it. I’m male and identify as such, and have no sexual …


Forgetting Passports

  Marilena   |     10-12-2018  
  no interpretation

In the dream its me my husband my 3yr old daughter and my parents and two siblings all at the airport, ready to travel. At the gates everyone passes but when my turn comes I panic cause I realise I don't …


Turmeric and kumkum

  Kenchi   |     09-12-2018  
  no interpretation

I am getting dreams like I am giving or I am taking turmeric and kumkum from last few days.i am Hindu and married.i am getting scared.i want to know the sign of my dream. …

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