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Blood everywhere

  Caitlyn   |     26-05-2019  
  no interpretation

I started off my dream by being at a concert. I don’t remember who’s concert it was but I dancing and bobbing my head and next thing I know, I hit my front two teeth super hard but I don’t remember …


Spider chasing and biting me.

  Bre   |     18-05-2019  
  no interpretation

The most vivid part of the dream was that i was walking into a theater getting ready to take a seat and i notice A big indigo spider with long legs like a (daddy long leg) and i move back from …


Staghorns, future self, and fire

  Patrick   |     17-05-2019  
  no interpretation

I'm walking through an unknown forest in the middle of night following a light when I happen on a man dancing around a large fire dressed in skins and what I could only describe as the head of a stag he …


Jack fruit

  Elii   |     28-04-2019  
  no interpretation

I buy a bunch of cauliflower and it turns into jackfruit what does my dream refer? …


Husband left for another woman

  Linda O'Brien   |     28-04-2019  
  no interpretation

I dreamed my husband was with another woman and leaving me. He said he loved me but he loved her more, she was tiny and cute, I felt he was leaving me because I was slightly over weight. But he said …


missing love??

  Lisa   |     08-04-2019  
  no interpretation

i am dreaming about a guy that I have strong feelings for and want to be with, but im with someone else and know it will be bad if I leave them. but I love this other person so much even …


Seeing my husband, niece and my girlfriend

  mEL   |     21-03-2019  
  no interpretation

I was cleaning in a room, a large room I have not know but it was like a shelter home or just a big room. then my niece my husband's big sister's daughter who lives in Australia that I got her …


Demon death

  James Mack   |     20-03-2019  
  no interpretation

I was fighting a demon and died and came back to life multiple times but each time I came back to life I was weaker …


2nd Marriage

  Ayesha Siddiqua   |     20-03-2019  
  no interpretation

I saw the dream last knight My husband died and I got married again. My husband and I have lot of age deference. I am 30 years younger but I love him a lot. I worship him. He is the …



  Steven   |     17-03-2019  
  no interpretation

I layed on the floor and slept, suddenly i was dreaming where i was eating yam with red oil. Nobody gave it to me i just saw myself eating it. It happened so fast people were just passing me and i …



  Lacy Nelson   |     07-03-2019  
  no interpretation

I'm sleeping but I'm awake I'm paralyzed I can't breathe and hands are reaching for me …


My mother

  Bryan   |     03-03-2019  
  no interpretation

My mother passed away recently. In my dream I saw my mother on the hospital bed I was standing there looking at her. Behind me was her sister (my aunt) when I turned around I seen my mom instead of my …



  Sunny   |     22-02-2019  
  no interpretation

First it was all normal, I dreamt I was having kind of a sleep over at one of my friend’s house, the next day I got an Uber home and the guy driving was the guy I’ve been having a crush …



  francine   |     18-02-2019  
  no interpretation

my sons and i parked our car to walk through a small passage way ,when suddenly i saw an imp stand a little way down by a gate watching us ,i did not tell my boys what i saw as we …



  Anonymous   |     11-02-2019  
  no interpretation

I dream when I have a old fuse that one of the mouth is bad,In the dream I was given a new dude and then I fix the bad part and made it good …

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