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Dream Interpretation: Spiritual


In a dream I was standing in a side of the road when I saw a caterpillar coming and a white a car crash into it . when the car crashed into the caterpillar , the caterpillar started changing in a box and from inside the box came out a healer with a white tunic with a stripe in greenish colour , he had a white hat similar to a hindu guru.Then I said when the healer reached his destination a car crushed into him .
After I saw myself inside a supermarket and I saw a guy with glasses that he was supposed to go to cinema with me and after he couldn\'t .
After that I was sited down in a white circle with writing like They used in old times and the writing was done in old fashion feather pen, couldn\'t read nothing letters were in zoom,then my parents were sited down in a big chair as used by the kings in old times.
My dad told me you know why you dreamed quite often with ice and crystals because it\'s to change solid in liquid it\'s your prepose, your capacity, your paper that\'s why you are Pisces it\'s one of your characteristic of your star sign.
Then I asked my mum how they knew that , my mum was reading and told me someone told her, and then I asked her It was a medium or a clairvoyant and she kept reading and told me everything is written down here and then I still couldn\'t reader nothing apart from to letters F L and then she told me you\'ll see something and then I saw myself standing in front of two components in my left hand side Tarmac and in my right hand side fire and my mum kept saying to me your life ends here in this point you can see behind the fire a white line many people will follow that line but you stay here and then I thought to myself I\'m going die in a explosion but after I had this thought my mum and dad weren\'t there anymore .
After that I saw my best friend and she told me Sergio will be there and he\'ll cry .
After I saw my older sister was hugging me and talking with me as she was congratulate me and I see my dad in the middle of the forest with a man and my dad was holding the man\'s nails and the man was screaming and I told my dad is doing that so the guy can\'t mutate himself as if the guy as changing in something terrible.

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