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What does it mean when you dream: Dance


It is a good sign, it indicates cooperation, team work; conformation to rules imposed by others in order to be able to achieve your goals;
-It could also mean that you will earn some money or that one of your wishes will come true
To dream you are watching others dancing
- You will get good news about a friend;
-Some interpretations indicate that if you see other people dancing you will be tormented by jealousy;
To dream you are dancing alone
-It suggests you have no worries, it may also indicate a quiet time with no problems, the need for relaxation, the desire to be independent or able to express your feelings freely;
-It indicates sexual and emotional freedom.
To dream you are dancing with a partner
-complete freedom, independence, detachment from your partner;
-the desire to depend on the other;
-absence of authority and private independence;
-indignity, obedience to someone stronger;

-the need to be led, guided, advised;
To see group dancing indicates
• Participation, involvement, the need to belong to a group;
• To desire to fit in without losing your independence;
To see an ensemble indicates
• the need to be trained, the desire to achieve perfection;
To see a lively dance indicates
• the need for action, total involvement, the need to get away from routine and boredom;
To see a folk dance
• Freedom of movement and expression without considering the rules and all the restrictions;
• Independence, the desire to break free from all stereotypes;
To see a slow dance with somebody of the different gender or a lap dance
• desires, need for physical affection;
To see Classical dance indicates
• You have had a strict education which has limited your emotional freedom;
• The inability to get rid of your complex or restriction imposed by society;
To see Tango symbolizes
• Sensuality, sexual desires, ardent love, passion;
To see somebody dancing in a disco symbolizes
• Freedom, the desire to break free from all interdictions, sexual freedom, carelessness;

The dance is always a good omen and it foretells many things, such as: children dancing signifies that your marriage will produce lively, happy children who are well behaved, older people shows a better business income and if you are enjoying the dance you will receive an unexpected windfall.

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