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Dream Interpretation: Confusion


In this dream, at first, i was at school and was a drug dealer. I was selling cocaine, heroine and marijuana, but I myself was not taking any of these drugs. Later, a teacher was searching all the student for the drugs but I hid mine because it was my last baggy Of heroine i needed to sell. Next thing in my dream was a teacher was leading us to an old building of the school and there were toys and junk, we passed that and went up some stairs to then begin listening to a prisoner at the prison across from our school, play a saxaphone. As we heard the man play, we all began to sing and then next thing I know a male student is puking on me, later to find out that he did a shit ton of cocaine that I sold to him. Going back to the factory, there was a huge monster that I had to destroy so I gathered some stuff and my old real life friend, Alana was there. I told her to find gasoline, whne I found the first gasoline pumps I sprayed the entrance door to the back part of the school and lit it on fire with a single match. Alana ran and found another pump and as she was filling it up, I reached under her skirt and began fingering her vagina, but soon stopped to finish the fire I started. I grabbed the gasoline, went inside the building and began to spray gasoline everywhere but someone walked in and caught me so I quickly finished and lit a match but the mat hes wouldn\'t ignite. The man That caught me came up to me and said \"what are you doing?\" I replied \"there\'s an evil spirit in here and this is the only way to get rid of it\" so he stepped back and let me finish. I finaly got a match lit and lit the rest of the box and threw it on the gasoline, the place started to go up in flames but there were people in the building. Turns out they were friendly spirits who were imprisoned by the evil spirit. I watched the building go crashing down and before I left, I threw in a piece of paper that said something on it but I have no idea what. It was just me, alana and our 2 other female friends now, the 3 of them were in a car waiting for me. They all shouted to me \"Marina! Let\'s go! It\'s done!\". So i ran to get into the car, looked back one more time to see the happy spirits be free, smiled and got in the car. Then we drove off really quick. It was the next week and my dream ended with me confessing to my teacher about everything and turning in all the drugs I was selling to students. I was not punsihed, then I woke up. -The End-

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