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What does it mean when you dream: Horse


Beautiful animal which symbolizes safety, power, desire to know everything beyond your own environment; new reasons to be happy.

It foretells great pleasure.

White horse
It’s a good sign; you are loved and you have good relationships.
According to tradition, it foretells marriage for girls.

Black horse
Bad sign, sadness, worries.

To ride a horse
A sign of leading an immoral life;
You are depending on others; dishonesty;
You have plans, thoughts, activities that won’t bring you anything good.

To dream you are on a horse
Good sign, especially in love;

If you dream you are falling down the horse, or the horse is throwing you, then it’s a bad sign.

To see a horse running
Good sign for parties;
You will get some earnings and a chance to relax.

To see a horse grazing
It’s a good sign, of happiness in marriage. It may also symbolize a great sorrow over something insignificant.

To see a horse pulling the carriage you are in
It’s a good sign of rich life, with no worries, a good living;
The rich people used to ride carriages, so if you should dream you are driving a carriage, you will live the life of a rich man in reality.

To dream you are being hit by a horse
It’s a good sign, of wealth;
You will get some money unexpectedly; it means you will be hit by luck.

To see a horse jumping
It’s a bad sign, of danger.

Shod horse
If you dream you are having your horse shod, then you will have great luck.

To see a fat horse
It symbolizes joy; you will have reasons to be in a good mood.

To see a thin horse
It symbolizes bad news; something will go wrong.

To see a restive horse
It indicates loss, damage.

To see a horse with saddle
It’s a sign you will have guests.

To see a dead horse
It’s a bad sign, of unhappiness; you will suffer emotionally.

It’s an unpleasant view, you have a bad feeling, you worry about trouble;

Horse stud farm
It is a sign of great pleasure, everything is going your way, you will work hard but in the end you will enjoy the results of your work ; you will achieve many things.

The horse has many symbols in different mythologies and traditions. It looks mostly wild, jumping hooves, biting the one who is dreaming it. The subject feels a great fear but he sometimes succeeds in controlling the animal.

The interpretation must be done based on the behaviour of the horse, as well as the one who is dreaming the animal, both aspects symbolizing different psychological aspects of the person in question.

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