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  Archana   |     16-10-2017  
  no interpretation

I have been getting dream about that I seen on a raod ( which road is familiar to me) silver shiva linga was there with two head silver cobra which was on shivlinga and it was playing there simply n …


In laws

  Mary   |     13-10-2017  
  no interpretation

I dream I was talking to my ex inlaws who are decease in the rain. I told them that their downstair is rented. Also i dream iwas sleeping but cannot getup. …


a friend's jackets

  Selina Daniels   |     10-10-2017  
  no interpretation

I was visiting a friend and during this time he received by courier service 2 or 3 packages containing new jackets he had bought. And there were more jackets to see around the room. I stood there thinking that he does …


Eating yam flour in my dream with a make friend

  Ola   |     10-10-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt that I was in a gathering with my bro and his wife with one of my friends, it was in a church, later the minister of God called my bro to preach and read the Bible, then after …



  Latifatu   |     08-10-2017  
  no interpretation

Grounded fresh pepper coming out of my vagina. …


Fish and Chickens

  Felicia   |     26-09-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamed numerous times last night. It either involved chickens or me feeding 2 separate fishes. The fish were in separate containers but I would hold a branch with leaves on it and they acted like it was their favorite thing …


Needing a transplant

  Shannon   |     24-09-2017  
  no interpretation

Dreamed about my neice needing a kidney transplant and I was the only one who could donate …


grandchild sleeping with dead grandparents

  sandra   |     23-09-2017  
  no interpretation

grandchild sleeping with dead granddparents …


Burrial vault

  Cris   |     23-09-2017  
  no interpretation

I was in a burrial vault with loads of shoes stacked on shelves they were a girls i didnt know .I was trying the shoes on most were big or not my style i put a pair of purple shoes …


My friend having an incurable disease

  Veronica Hachipuka   |     20-09-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt that my friend and I went to some quiet place where I met these three male friends of mine, one was looking very sick and when I asked what was wrong with him because he was too thing, …



  Betty   |     20-09-2017  
  no interpretation

Saw a gal asking to buy yam and I was pricing that the was not happy, I had to beg the girl and my husband gave the money to buy, but what was confusing is that a saw a woman …


Bob cat bites arm

  Yvonne   |     17-09-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamed that I was walking down the stairs and there was a bob cat at the bottom of the stairs once we made eye contact the bobcat leaped at me and latched onto my hand.. I began to shake him …



  nana   |     14-09-2017  
  34 interpretations

i dream\'t i was bathing and there was some fluids coming out of my anus and they was this guy behind me saying look the virus is now coming out and i end up in a line it was like i …



  Sonny Hernandez   |     12-09-2017  
  34 interpretations

Dreaming of pulling mucus from my nose and it doesn't seem to stop it just keeps coming out as I am pulling it off. …


Feeling disliked

  Haley   |     08-09-2017  
  34 interpretations

First let me note my family and I go used to go camping a lot, I went with my dad and his wife now. The dream had previously started someonewhere else but the part I remeber is we were at a …

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