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Apocalyptic journey

  Keanu   |     26-06-2017  
  no interpretation

It's a post apocalyptic world, I'm on a balcony of an apartment. My cat (in real life) leads me to a hole in the floor; a lathe silver-grey cat with emerald-green eyes is inside, I drop a pebble on its rat-like …



  dare   |     25-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt that I was in a stadium filled with people. a man want to give an award to someone who sat close to me. but I was staring at the man thinking why not me. I thought he sensed it. …


Dying becoming the one and coming back as someone else

  Samwell   |     23-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream in where I died and was in a room with multiple people and had to choose a certain color of shovel and spoon. Before I even picked they said that I was chosen and needed to go …


My great niece, my deceased husband and my brother.

  Rose Marie   |     23-06-2017  
  no interpretation

Last night I had a dream that my brother came over my apartment with my great niece. my brother was upset because my apartment is not the greatest. My husband who is deceased was in the dream as well. My brother …



  Tracy   |     17-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamed that i failed at school …


Dead Grandpa

  Eric Cordero   |     14-06-2017  
  no interpretation

My dream started with my wife and mother in law and me in the mall and eating at a very nice restaurant and then my wife and me we separate and she seems to be further from me by the second …


Feeding owls

  Sharon   |     07-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I was feeding tiny baby owls that their mother was killed or abandoned them. I kept saying to my parents ( who are deceased in real life) that I don\'t like them (owls, because I was always told they\'re …


Two bullets

  Manashi   |     05-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I saw a police officer who just come out from his car and I turned to see him then I saw that one person shot the police officer,the person shoot two bullets to the officer's chest.I after seeing this i don't …


Room cleaning

  Nouna   |     03-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream that i was cleaning my bedroom and scraping the old paint on the walls, and i was feeling so good doing that, the room was empty, any mom was calling me but i refused to get out …


Fawn next to slain mother

  northernbliss   |     02-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt of a fawn just a few hours old about 20 feet from it's slain mother. I was trying to find someone to care for it. The dream was very vivid. I remember the rust coloring of the fawn, the …


Witnessing my son get shot in the head

  Shiquella Mitchell   |     01-06-2017  
  no interpretation

I witnessed my son get shot in the head but he didn't die he was just walking around saying I'm about to fall out. …


бетакор 20 мг цена

  ViktrozTeeni   |     29-05-2017  
  no interpretation

Если с недавних пор вас вдруг стали беспокоить лёгкие проблемы с эрекцией, но вы не отличаетесь желанием тратить большие суммы кровных денежек на таблетки из аптеки, то мы уже ждём вас на нашем сайте. Где вы сумеете заказать себе …


Approachng Lynx

  joseG   |     24-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I was sitting in a car at night with the driver window down. I saw a big Golden Lynx about 50 feet from me. He looked at me and starting approaching me. I got scared because my window was down …



  mandy   |     21-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I was going to receive an award at a ceremony at work …


Cleaning baby poop

  Allison Lawrence   |     20-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I went in this shop to buy snacks, but the was two women in the store, apparently it seem that I knew one of the ladies there, she said that she have to go and pay for the snacks …

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