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Approachng Lynx

  joseG   |     24-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I was sitting in a car at night with the driver window down. I saw a big Golden Lynx about 50 feet from me. He looked at me and starting approaching me. I got scared because my window was down …



  mandy   |     21-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I was going to receive an award at a ceremony at work …


Cleaning baby poop

  Allison Lawrence   |     20-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I went in this shop to buy snacks, but the was two women in the store, apparently it seem that I knew one of the ladies there, she said that she have to go and pay for the snacks …



  Jon doe   |     11-05-2017  
  no interpretation

In my dream i was defending children fro. A lion and then a wolf joined in and i was fighting a wolf and lion. Also there was a lair and it is where these animals would take the cbildren and devour …


Fenced in drooped over forest of trees

  Catie   |     08-05-2017  
  no interpretation

I was walking down a path that had a wooden fence on both sides of the path,,that was about 10 feet high,,with the wood running up and down,,no way to climb this fence at all,,,and fenced in on other side of …


dream of rabies and a cardinal

  Debra   |     02-05-2017  
  no interpretation

dreamed someone was in yard that had rabies.. I was trying to get everyone inside to be safe in case this person got up and came after one of them. i looked and the people had gone …


Shot in the face

  Monica   |     29-04-2017  
  no interpretation

A guy who wanted my number in his phone shot me in the face. Bullet broke my front teeth, but I caught the bullet with my back teeth. No exit wound …


human feces falling on top of my head

  Peter lizwe   |     27-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I was at church...then we had a function coz it was the week of prayer... it was night and was able to know few people from college....the time the priest was demonstrating about Eucharistic celebration I was touched....until we finish the …


church burned down

  francis mwangi   |     23-04-2017  
  no interpretation

i dreamt of achurch burnd down of which i id not understand …


Arguing with deceased family members

  Stace   |     22-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I just turned 40, and am a single mother to a 3yr old boy (not sure if this is an important part of my "dream", but thought I would include it). Over the past few weeks, I have been having very …


removing of downdruff

  Michael   |     21-04-2017  
  no interpretation

i dreamt where some one was removing downdruff from my hair and was telling me about it. …



  Jeremy   |     18-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream last night that me and a guy i was married to had a set of twin boys and to pit puppies for the boys. The twins was still very young, was able to crawl and walk a …


eating white yam with a woman

  derrick   |     18-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I dream I was eating white yam with a woman I know infact very close to me always …


Travel to France; drama ensues.

  Em   |     16-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream that my family travelled to France and I met a boy. I tried to communicate with him but I couldn't speak French, my family decided to drive around. After being in the car with him and my …


Cheating dreams while pregnant.

  Brittany   |     08-04-2017  
  no interpretation

I keep having these dreams of my husband cheating on me. They happen at least every other day. They are always different from each other. Him touching a girl in front of me and I yell at him, he gets mad …

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