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stung by a bee

  fola   |     21-08-2017  
  no interpretation

I dreamt I saw a bee in my room, and I was trying not to get stung by it, the bee later turned to three bees, and I get stung by the bee on the palm of both hands and …


Car prob

  Anna   |     20-08-2017  
  no interpretation

It was raining while I was driving and I went to turn, but the water was too high so my breaks stopped then the water started seaping up into my car. …


cleaning baby poo poo (defecate)

  blessing   |     18-08-2017  
  no interpretation

i was cleaning baby poo poo from the diaper last night in the dream, and the poo poo was smelling furiously but i was still cleaning it by hiding my face but still it was still smelling seriously. what does it …



  Dreamer   |     17-08-2017  
  no interpretation

I was walking down a sidewalk in a residential area I could hear a loud speaker coming from somewhere stating that a bank has been robbed and the police were on the lookout for the man who did it and that …


Dirty/Muddy Mop Water

  Kay   |     17-08-2017  
  One interpretation

My boyfriend is standing in the kitchen with a bucket and a mop inside of it. He then takes the the mop out of the bucket without wringing it, and all of this muddy dirty water spills on the floor... …


Dead mom telling me to get Into empty coffin

  Coffin   |     14-08-2017  
  no interpretation

There was an empty coffin and my mother who has passed away was telling me to get in. I ended up not getting in …


Meeting an inventor

  Cool   |     11-08-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream in which I met an INVENTOR,who has invented a homemade telescope through which we can see planets...their movement..later I asked how he did it....regarding all d plan...systematic way...and we all were in jungle...he taught me about …


Football dream

  Anthony   |     01-08-2017  
  One interpretation

Last night I had a dream where I was playing football with foreign players and the coach was Jose mourinho and was instructing me.... In the same dream, I was receiving a phone call from a professional footballer... Secondly I had another dream …


Dial tone than help

  Denni   |     01-08-2017  
  no interpretation

Hi i started waking up around 330am from a loud dial tone in my ear and than I heard an older mans voice calmy say "help" And nothing more not even the tone-I thought it was real, so real that …


Slapping a man in in face continual

  Stella   |     31-07-2017  
  no interpretation

I was just slapping my boyfriend in his face while we were talking. …



  Lendora quashie   |     30-07-2017  
  no interpretation

I dream i was going through a gate and a security ask me where i going that i am not suppose to go through the gate and i know that was arguing so i told the security he didnt have …


My sister

  Sharon   |     25-07-2017  
  2 interpretations

Dreamt my husband and I were going to my sisters home. It was cold and like it just snowed , snow was dirty. We got out of the car and my sister took my dogs leach ( I think she was …



  Thabo   |     24-07-2017  
  no interpretation

i was at a shop buying mix veg of R40 using R10,the seller thought my ten rand is R100 then he gave me R50 in return of change.KLBQG …


Yodelling Ninja Turtle

  Adam   |     22-07-2017  
  One interpretation

Hello , I found myself yodelling (Really beautifull singing) - I was a Ninja Turtle yodelling in a pool and kids and people were listing to me - There faces showed pleasure listening to me - It felt real good Yodelling Can anyone help …


Hog bite off ny sisters fingers

  Monika Wnorowska   |     20-07-2017  
  no interpretation

I had a dream my sisters right index, middle and ring finger got bitten off by a hog. It tried to bite off mine but I opened his mouth with strength but once he bit my sister I tried to open …

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