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Shape Shifting

Dream Interpretation: Shape Shifting

  Stacy Lynne

I have had a reoccurring dream theme about morphing into the form of an animal for years now. I used to be disgusted by these dreams, but nou I want them in waking life. I'm rarely scared that I'm an animal. I'm usually a real creature of the sea, though I've also been a cow, a bird, a cat, a dog,and others. I'm a church goer and am spooked by how beautiful these dreams are. The funny thing is that I want more and more to be an animal in my waking life. I also can't shift at times in my dream and when I do, my vision goes black and I can see beyond the darkness. Old someone (preferably another Christian) interpret?

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Dona    •    15-05-2012

To dream that you are morphing into an animal means that you need to express yourself more freely and without restraint...


Miffadono    •    27-05-2017

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Davidstoda    •    26-06-2017

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JesseBoime    •    27-06-2017

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FrancisMut    •    27-06-2017

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coffIodib    •    27-06-2017

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Dennisbuift    •    28-06-2017

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Woottoboscode    •    29-06-2017

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JesseBoime    •    30-06-2017

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Davidstoda    •    30-06-2017

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Richardsam    •    30-06-2017

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coffIodib    •    04-07-2017

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Davidstoda    •    07-07-2017

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Richardsam    •    07-07-2017

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Robertrathe    •    10-07-2017

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Woottoboscode    •    11-07-2017

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Dennisbuift    •    12-07-2017

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Davidstoda    •    13-07-2017

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