Dream interpretation - Running

Need for an escape, try to avoid a delicate situation; the level of your energy is given by the way you are running in the dream;

You will have an unsuccessful trip; you are running from something but it seems there is no place like home;

If you manage to run from something / somebody – you want to make changes;

You want to run but you can’t make your feet move – lack of self-esteem and will; no ways that can help you make changes in your personal life; think if there is something in real life you want to get rid of or if you are trying to get a better solution for something. According to this, the dream may be a good or a bad sign.

To run for pleasure

The need to pace yourself
To run in a race

Entanglement, conflict, you need to pay more attention to your opponents;
To win a race

Self confidence, determination and motivation in the pursuit of your goals;

To run in a circle

You will make new friends;

The circle is a symbol of friendship and good relationships; it is also a symbol of perfection, so you will enjoy some peace and useful relations;
Artemidor defined the image as the prediction of happiness with no obstacles and Edgar Cayce as the desire to achieve your goals.

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