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running from dogs

Dream Interpretation: running from dogs


I had a dream I joined a running team, We were running and a car blocked our path and we tried running into a garage to go around the car. Two dogs came chasing after us. One person ran into the house and ended up trapped in the house in a large dog cage. I shut the garage door and jumped out a window to get away from the dogs. I continued running down the street without my fellow teammates. I than woke up.

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JesseBoime    •    26-06-2017

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Woottoboscode    •    29-06-2017

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Davidstoda    •    30-06-2017

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FrancisMut    •    30-06-2017

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Richardsam    •    30-06-2017

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Richardsam    •    06-07-2017

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Robertrathe    •    10-07-2017

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