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Recurring dreams of my godparents & their house

Dream Interpretation: Recurring dreams of my godparents & their house


For the last few years I have almost nightly dreams where either my godparents are present and part of the dream or a house that is theirs (even though the dream house is not the actual house where they lived). The dream house that belongs to my godparents occurs so often in my dreams in my wakened state I can describe the house, the grounds the floors, the secret passages and every nook and cranny. If I am having a bad dream I always end up back in the dream house of my godparents and I know that I am safe no matter how scary things may seem; somehow I know that inside the walls of my godparents dream house i am protected. I am in my forties and havent seen my godparents for 20+ years and according to my mother we only saw them a couple of times a year for the day when I was growing up.........just wondering if anyone can help shed a light on why i have these recurring dreams? I dont mind them at all, its nice to remember the love and warmth I felt as a child from my godparents which i experience as an actual feeling in all the dreams, Im just curious as to why i feel such a strong connection to them when according to my mum they played such a small role in my life.

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