Dream interpretation - Leek

To see the plant growing in a garden signifies slow progress, but a dream of eating, cooking or serving this type of onion predicts a quick rise in status.

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Dream interpretation - Lizard

To dream of lizards, foretells attacks upon you by enemies. If you kill a lizard, you will regain your lost reputation or... continue dream interpretation

Dream interpretation - Leopard

To dream of a leopard attacking you, denotes that while the future seemingly promises fair, success holds many difficulties through misplaced... continue dream interpretation

Dream interpretation - Ladybird

To see a ladybird in your dream, is symbolic of good luck. It also signifies happiness at work.... continue dream interpretation

Dream interpretation - Lobster

Live lobsters in a dream signify approaching difficulties, but of an annoying rather than limiting nature. To eat, cook or serve... continue dream interpretation

Dream interpretation - Lipstick

For a woman, a dream of using or buying cosmetics is a very fortunate omen; it is for a man as... continue dream interpretation

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