Dream interpretation - Lantern

Uncertain future, hope, uncertainty about dealing with a delicate situation;
A sign of contagious disease;
-A sign of sadness and scarcity; not a good dream.

To dream of seeing a lantern going before you in the darkness, signifies unexpected affluence. If the lantern is suddenly lost to view, then your success will take an unfavorable turn.

To carry a lantern in your dreams, denotes that your benevolence will win you many friends. If it goes out, you fail to gain the prominence you wish. If you stumble and break it, you will seek to aid others, and in so doing lose your own station, or be disappointed in some undertaking.

To clean a lantern, signifies great possibilities are open to you.

To lose a lantern, means business depression, and disquiet in the home.

If you buy a lantern, it signifies fortunate deals.

For a young woman to dream that she lights her lover’s lantern, foretells for her a worthy man, and a comfortable home. If she blows it out, by her own imprudence she will lose a chance of getting married.

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