Dream interpretation - Dog

Its loyalty to its master is almost always taken into consideration when interpreting these dreams. According to my own experiences, any dream in which you see an aggressive dog, ready to bite, refers to a matter of fidelity or rather infidelity.

To see a dog howling
Indicates danger;

To see a dog barking
Indicates sorrow;

The dream has similar interpretation to those when the dog is biting you, but the consequences of the dream are not that serious. It is something unpleasant, but it’s something that will pass.

To see a dog biting you
You will have big concerns;

Misery, damage, maybe death.

Although the dog has always been considered the man’s friend, the aggressive dog has been associated, from ancient times, with bad things; for example, you can be attacked and you are not strong enough to defend yourself – in these conditions, it is possible to suffer, to be defeated.

To see a pack of big dogs in your dream
Your enemies are watching you. There are some who consider themselves to be even stronger, more powerful than they really are; they will definitely be avoided and brought to terms.

To see small dogs
It’s a good sign; it symbolizes good, true friends, who can be trusted.
Small dogs have always been a symbol of companionship, of trust and friendship.
To see them, even in the dream, brings happiness and serenity.

It is a good sign; you will win at a gambling game;
You have true friends.

To dream you have lost a dog
A sign of bad luck.

To dream you are playing with the dog
A sign you will suffer a loss.

To see two dogs fighting
It means that you have two fake friends.

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