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Patch up
Dream Interpretation - Patch up

You’ll make a new friend if you see yourself patching up something. To see someone patching up It’s a sign that you have to stay away from [read more]

Ewe cheese
Dream Interpretation - Ewe cheese

If you eat or make ewe cheese in your dream, then it’s a bad sign, which indicates illness, misfortune, misery. [read more]

Bee, bees
Dream Interpretation - Bee, bees

Effort, economy, hard work, scrupulosity, patience, savings after a long time; creativity, dynamism, efficiency, the possibility of success; If the bee doesn’t sting you, it’s a good [read more]

Dream Interpretation - Algae

Restraints, risks, unforeseen problems; Tangled in algae or water full of algae – you feel trapped in what seemed to be, at first, a safe situation; you [read more]

Alpinist/ alpinism
Dream Interpretation - Alpinist/ alpinism

To dream you are mountain climbing indicates the fact that you are trying to or have already overcome a great challenge. You are suggested that your [read more]

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